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We offer a variety of different services and content. For this reason, additional terms or conditions of use may apply (e.g. minimum age, special need for authorizations, a personal user account,…) – these details will be given in the general pages or in these part areas, information is held.

As a general rule, by using our website you do not acquire any intellectual property rights or licenses, our services or the content you access. You are not allowed, to embed or reproduce or download any content from our website, unless you have the consent of the rights holder-a special written proof, is absolutely necessary.

In our website, we also offer content that does not originate from CruiseGuide.This content is the exclusive responsibility of the person making it available. This also applies in particular to cross-references, such as links to external pages or embeddings via so-called frames.
We, as well as our licensors, reserve the right to examine content for your illegality or for the violation of terms of use or laws. This content may be dismissed at any time, without notice, or its presentation, if we may legitimately assume that you violate our terms of use or applicable law. This does not necessarily mean that we review content in general. You cannot, therefore, assume in principle that we are doing this.

CruiseGuide does not give any assurances regarding the content of the website or its representations, regarding specific functionalities or their reliability, availability, current scope and suitability of the contents for your purposes. We provide the entire offer in the respective current form-changes are possible at any time, a liability for errors or non-current content is not taken over at any moment.
If you have any comments or if you notice anything, you can contact us at any time via our contact portal – we are grateful for any help at any time in order to always improve the content or to make it richer.

The terms of use or any additional conditions for CruiseGuide may be adjusted at any time to take into account, for example, changes to the legal framework or changes to our website or its contents. Therefore, check the terms of use regularly, especially if there are certain areas that you use very intensively.
Changes or adjustments to these are immediately and immediately effective-the old directives will immediately become invalid.

If you do not agree with any part of this, do not use CruiseGuide or you are not permitted to visit the website anymore/longer.

For all violations of the entire terms and conditions, CruiseGuide, as well as their licensors and publishers of content, reserve all claims or damages or costs, against provisions, licenses, copyrights or general legal Infringements, against the user/users concerned and will follow them accordingly via lawyers, courts or authorities.

If you have any questions or concerns, you have the possibility to contact us at any time via our Contacts & Privacy Portal.

For all content provided (information texts, photographs & other images, videos, presentations, illustrations, etc.) and the included program codes as well as layouts, unless otherwise stated, any copyright that rights of use and the copyright, exclusively at CruiseGuide or its licensors, which exclusively, for the use and presentation on the website https://CruiseGuide.info in the German language-as well as https://CruiseGuide.info/EN available in English language.

The use of the content provided on the website is only permitted for personal information purposes, both for private and professional purposes.
A modification, duplication, distribution, inclusion or reproduction of the contents in other websites or external media or contents, also via so-called frames or technical embedding and similar, or other media and systems requires the express prior written approval by CruiseGuide or its respective licensors.
Authorizations, permits or the like, are not automatically granted-likewise, a simple mention or reference to CruiseGuide or its licensors is not sufficient.
Unauthorized use is illegal and is legally prosecuted by copyright holders or rights of use.

We offer you to submit your own content such as images, photographs, reviews, questions, comments, videos and personal messages or opinions, ideas, feedback, or other content to us or to CruiseGuide for public presentation.
For these personal User content, you declare that you possess all necessary rights and that you can also prove it and not violate any rights of third parties.
Please be aware, besides possible copyrights of third parties in videos, music and pictures, the right to your own image of any persons depicted.

You warrant, that CruiseGuide will be compensated in accordance with applicable laws if you contribute to illicit actions and cause damage as a direct result of these illicit actions-any legal or regulatory or legal claims and persecutions, are solely at your expense.
The content of the user content submitted by you is purely your personal representation or opinion.

CruiseGuide reserves the right to reject or not display or delete any submitted user content, as mentioned above, especially in case of violation of the terms of use or other guidelines of this website and its licensors.

In general, it is forbidden to post the following contents, to present it or similar:

  • harassment, misuse or threat of any other person
  • obscene content
  • false or deliberately misleading information
  • any discrimination or reduction of sex, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference, disability
  • offensive, harassing, brutal, hateful, inciting, illegal, harmful, tort or defamatory content or comments or representations
  • pornographic material, depictions of violence, illegal acts or their advocacy
  • any violation of laws, regulatory requirements-even if they apply only locally in a country
  • Spam, illicit advertising
  • Content that intends destruction-eg viruses, illegal codes, Trojan horses,..
  • Contents that cause disturbances in performance or functions
  • intellectual property of third parties to whom you do not have rights or reproduce them illegally

It may be necessary for a part of the web page or its functions to create an account in order to be able to participate.
If this is the case, you will need to select a user name and password when you log in and provide us with the information you need. This information is only CruiseGuide accessible and is of course subject to data protection.
You are responsible for keeping your password secret and secure. By registering, you confirm that you are fully responsible for all your activities that are done with your user name and password. We assume that all communications we receive through your account is originate from you.

You must notify us if you are aware of any unauthorized use of your account. Contact is possible at any time via the contact and data protection portal. You agree to provide us with information that we require to confirm your identity and to ensure the security of your account should this be required or become necessary.

E-mail addresses or self-selected user names may not be suitable for violating the protected feelings and rights of other users or violating relevant laws. This applies, for example, to the use of terms in the field of pornography, in particular. Child pornography or incest, as well as violence-glorifying or popular concepts. Other examples are names of organizations or individuals that can be associated with terrorism, political extremism, or religious fanaticism. In addition, the rights of third parties (names, trademarks, copyrights, data protection rights, etc.) must be maintained in any case.
Such accounts or similar, are either directly denied or subsequently deleted or blocked, without notice. If you feel that something has not been done correctly in this regard or has been incorrectly detected by an automatic system, please contact us immediately-we will of course examine this in detail.

Severability clause
If one of the stated provisions is wholly or partially ineffective or incomplete, the remaining provisions & guidelines or conditions remain unaffected.