Contact & Privacy-Inquiries

We are happy to answer your questions in writing.
Please let us know in detail the reason for your request and how we can help you or what feedback or inquiry you would like to send to us.

In order to be able to process and answer your request competently, quickly and comprehensively, we ask you to provide as detailed information as possible.

You can reach via this form, as well our contact for all data protection concerns in respect of GDPR, DSGVO,….
Please select the corresponding option or fill in the topic subject completely & clearly.

We will answer your request as soon as possible.

Tip – Quick answers & advices directly:
Please try first to find the answers to your questions or how something works, already directly, in our WiKi or the FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions or is the help among users, also a very quick way.

Please tell us in detail which data exactly for which person or user name, have been changed or what you want to have corrected/changed.

You can also send us inquiries about your contributions or content provided, where you are not able to change these data/entries or add anything to them.

We will check and carry out this – for any inquiries you will receive a message from us.

Please note
Your given details must be exactly as possible & match with our existing data, maybe a proof of entitlement is needed
Without 100% explicit given details, we cannot proceed – thanks for your understanding